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Are black and white profile pictures ok

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Are black and white profile pictures ok

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I remember in the early days of my photography, I was the same. I would mutter: "I wonder if this would look good in black and white," and then, I'd try it. Sometimes, it would look better, but usually, it would not. I pd it was all just down to taste, but that's nlack true.

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First up is mood. Photos that are obviously taken from your laptop or by holding your arm out and snapping a picture ko hasty and unprofessional. Should I Make My Profile Photo Black + White?

Should my linkedin profile photo be in color or black and white?

Kline on March 25, in AdviceHehotsPortraitsTechnique Black and white hehots are a nice way to stand out from the crowd on social media. Sepia toned photographs are a good example of images which are monochrome. Ordinarily these details might have gone unnoticed, and the black and white treatment really compliments the lighting.

The differences in tones become becomes more apparent, and the photo becomes much more pleasing. black + white | Karina Louise Photography.

I have wondered for years whether I would grow out of that particular eye for imagery, but I haven't and am no longer sure I will. Luckily, the digital imaging age allows photographers to decide after the fact whether our images make us happier in full color, or in black and white. It brings the focus back to you.

I love color photos. This is where black and white photography can really shine.

Should i make my profile photo black + white? - karina

True Black and White As I have said, black and white images are indeed monochromatic but not all monochrome images are black and white. I remember in the early days of my photography, I was the same. Dear peers photographers, whie inspired is "ok" but please find your own words for your website: It will be way whiite more convincing, believe.

Hanna Lyn Hughes by Robert K Baggs Although black and white images are devoid of any inferences or suggestions that color can bring, they are also free of any distractions that it can bring too.

This photo of a hot day on Boston Common had lots of differences in om, along with some great coloring especially in the sky. I think the biggest thing I've learned in the many LinkedIn profile photos I've come across over time is, it really depends Black and white might work for you if your​.

Trust your creative mind. If the subject has a blue shirt, for instance, play with the blue to make the shirt as dark or as light as you want.

However, rae sure to choose wisely. Think contrast rather than color. Convert some of your landscapes to black and white to see how the mood can change. This image really had nothing to say in the way of color, so I made use of the heavy backlighting to create a strong contrast with the subject.

4 tips to help you decide between black and white or color for your image

Black and picturres, ironically, can say you are more creative or that you think outside the box. Why do black and white photographs speak to us?

Black and white or color? For example, silhouetting people in street photography and playing with the light is commonplace and part of what makes the genre so popular.

Top 7 linkedin profile pictures you should never use

So by choosing to use a black and white professional photo, are black and white profile pictures ok mostly use the emotions around the black authority, elegance, sobriety and the grey practical, bland and you miss the chance to trigger any other positive feelings through other colors. Transforming the tactile tangible into a visually tangible image takes practice and a trained eye, and this is where working in black and white can be the best choice.

If you take a look at my San Francisco photography. Still, black and white photography is something that should not be discounted, and certainly not underestimated in terms of artistic expression. It's always worth noting the other above "rules" when shooting an image in which you might remove the color for the sake of a vintage feel, as they still apply. While there is really no absolute magic formula to determine the best choice for your particular image, there are some guidelines that you can follow to make your decision a little easier.

4 tips to help you decide between black and white or color for your image

Does the photo have contrast? Feel free to contact me for any question you would haveI am always happy to answer! Photographer tip: If you know your photos will be used as black and white, shoot with your camera showing anv a black and white image on the screen. I love color photos. Here are four tips to help you decide if an image will be more appealing in black and white than in color.


Any viewer to your will most likely move along without a picture. Still, I chose black and white because it simply felt better to me, and matched what I saw in my mind more closely. With the black and white, the light-coloured eyes are still obvious, but the texture is more prominent without ans overpowered by other elements.

There is a common theme within photographers who regularly harness the power of black and white, and it is "simplicity.

puctures Does it look current? These differences are what truly make good black and white images, and the differences in light and shadow bring contrast to the photograph. Next add a curves layer.