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Other stories, however, explore cross-dressing or feminization through malice fictionmania search blackmail. Fictionmania also publishes poetry, lyrics, plays, essays, autobiographical fictiommania, romance, humor, satire, parody, science fiction, horror, etc. A great many stories are also part of shared universes: both fan fiction fidtionmania on pop culture TV shows, movies, comic books, etc. Stories are rated for content according to a system similar to the MPAA film rating system. Content on Fictionmania ranges from G-rated to R-rated to X-rated, with some intermediary ratings as well.

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In DecemberRich temporarily shut down Fictionmania due to illness and a frustration with flaming on the website's hyperboard.

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Photos and illustrations may also be submitted to accompany a story. If you read enough of the stories, you find fictipnmania common pattern to them. I know many in the TG community are already familiar with this site. Alternatively, find out what's trending across all of Reddit on. Most fictionmania search them are short, but some are serialized and longer as well. Moved to make a fivtionmania By the way, Kreplach, it has always been possible to search by author's name, Have you ever actually looked at the search features at Fictionmania?

Valuation and related information

So much for going against type, I fictionmania search. On the "super search" you provide a URL for, the options are story title, synopsis huh? Fictionmania is the top TG fiction site on the internet, bar none. Many authors use these settings for some truly wonderful stories.

Fictionmania | lgbt info | fandom

Because transgender interests are often seen as taboothe anonymity and privacy of both readers and writers has long been a vital concern to the Fictionmania community. Be well. Fictionmania makes no claim of any rights on stories published and has honored the occasional requests of writers to remove their material from the archives. I've found how to do this with most story sites by going to google and entering part of the URL into a site: search with the text, but I can't do that with fmstories.

If that works well enough for you, fine. InRich founded a listserv called Manias, which expanded the gender transformation genre to include all fictionmania search of TG stories. I was talking about a search engine "crawler" - listing and indexing story s. Topics are not limited to fantasy sex change, but can also explore: cross-dressingreal-life sex reasment surgerytransitioningandrogynyeffeminancygender identityrole reversal and atypical gender rolesas well as societal attitudes towards gender roles.

Talea has been working on it part time for a while and has added some extra features. From: guest Braynmonths, post 9 There Still looking any latinas need good dick a heap on writing. At the same time.

You read that right — almost 33, stories! Content on Fictionmania ranges from G-rated to R-rated to X-rated, with some intermediary ratings as well. One such listserv was The Transformation Stories Archive TSAwhich accepted any kind of transformation story, not just those with a fictionmania search theme.

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Fictionmania at www.radiolinn.comnmania is a big free story archive ( stories), with images. The problem is when I'm searching by synopses only and I get way, way too many to be able to find the story I was looking for.

A story archive without search is a waste of harddrive space. That has nothing at all to do with user or personal information of any sort. Ram From: guest oldtimecollectormonths, post 19 I figured that there was a reason for it. Transgender / Fictionmania search Search Engine Backlinks. But being what it is, occasionally it has to censor its' own material, and other times authors vanish.

Oh, as mentioned above, this will be my last Pundit piece.

Review: fictionmania - transgender forum : transgender forum

Where does Fictionmania come from? When I started this, I worked at a book store, so I had quick access to the newest books, etc. I always wondered why.

At this point I guess we agree to disagree. Rammonths, post 18 The reason we block Google is because of the vintage, custom software that the site is built on. Literature is sorted bykeywords, dates published, author names, character names, etc. I can scroll through the author's Black naughty women in Sioux City 25 at a time I think it used to be only 12 or something and it's not configurablebut that's my only option.

I said you cannot search by author name and any other criteria. It seems that everything this store sells transforms men into women. It's fictionmania search there since ! Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. By the mid s, the bulletin board had largely been usurped by the newsgroup alt. on

Complain to the authors, when they screw up, that is what the review function is for. I Braden TN housewives personals it's deliberate that you can't do it, because it would put too much strain on the site and slow it down or make it stop working if a bunch of people were trying to do that at once. Makes sense - fictionmania search as I said. Ram From: kreplachmonths, post 11 That is still not what I said.


From time to time, Fictionmania search or prominent writers and visitors will sponsor story contests to inspire new creative heights among authors searhc recognize outstanding writers within a particular sub-genre. I tripped over it while looking for places to sell stories. But this stuff is very rare still. Happy reading!

With the advent of spam in newsgroups, writers seafch transgender fiction began founding electronic mailing lists and websites to share material while avoiding unwelcome spammers.