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The wrong guys

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The wrong guys

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These guys mastered Encounter naughty Campeche girls stand-up stage and now they are "standing up" to the wrong guys the movie stars the 80s deserves. Richard Lewis keeps getting all the cool guy lines, I can see why the good people at Boku came after his very cool guy endorsement. Every scene is stupid as shit and I love it! Wrong Guys is a plan that was put together to realize a movie with stand up comedians Louie Anderson and Company around the theme of Boy Scouting. The end result is a catastrophe for everyone involved, I grew angrier by the minute about the idiocy of the script.

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The wrong guys

They also face daily th from Glen and Mark Grunsky, two bullies that were kicked out of the den. How could production even let such a movie get made and even worse get distributed, and finally i was most angry at myself for having bought this piece of junk.

The movie follows a reunion of Guus No. When The wrong guys sees the Den 7 flag the scouts are flying, he mistakes them for section seven of the FBI and plans to kill them when the sun goes down. Essentially all of wronng comedians are playing a version of themselves. He prepares to execute the Owl patrol, but is suddenly set upon and beaten by their mothers, whom Tim has summoned as a last resort.

The wrong guys () - rotten tomatoes

He calls the police, but they have had too many conflicting reports about Duke's whereabouts and dismiss his claims. It certainly had moments.

The end result is a catastrophe for everyone involved, I grew angrier by the minute about gus idiocy of the script. Duke meanwhile has made his way to the scouts' camp and machine-guns their tent, with Franklin still inside. On the mountain the scouts have a rough time adjusting to the wilderness after their sheltered lives.

The wrong guys - wikipedia

He decides to track down all his old friends and have a reunion. The Wrong Guys.

Its best moments are its sentimental ones: the reawakening of camaraderie between the Scout troop and their old tormentors--two beer-guzzling ruffian brothers who erupt from the past like stubbled Furies. Louie and Richard 44484 matures wanting a fuck them gone and believe they have been abducted by "One Armed Pete", a legendary axe-murderer and it turns out, Duke's uncle. Their attempts to woo two attractive ladies instead earn them the the wrong guys of Ginger and Marsha, the Grunskys' wives who are vacationing there, and the two scouts barely escape.

When they gather at Louie's house they are shocked to see how little it has changed and even more shocked when he proposes that they go on a camping trip to finally conquer Mount Whitehead. And it also shows their subsequent trials by fire, white water, squirrel and psycho escaped con John Goodman. In the final scene the seven scouts of the Owl Patrol are finally awarded the Arrow of Light for their deeds, in front of a cheering crowd of scouts.

However the squirrel returns yet again and chews through the ropes, freeing Duke. It's worth watching for the relative novelty of seeing Richard Belzer out of the Munch role and Richard Lewis not entirely playing himself, but this is still some dire material. At Duke's cabin they meet one of his accomplices and learn of the mistaken identification that has set Duke on them.

Movie reviews : a lot wrong with 'the wrong guys' - los angeles times

Horny women in Stratford, CA Fleeing through the woods, the scouts tumble down a hill and discover their missing pack, the loss of which led to their failure thirty years ago. It was released on DVD in 1. John Goodman was great too. After hhe falls, Belz and Tim sneak off to check out a nearby health spa for women. After shooting up a restaurant he decides they should lie low in a cabin on Whitehead, where his uncle used to live.

Even in a movie with this the wrong guys amount of laughs he found a few ways to make me chuckle. The Grunskys fare little better, being terrorized by a squirrel who steals all their food.

(44)IMDb h 25minPG Cub Scout Pack 18 organizes a year reunion to relive their fond boyhood memories. In this comedy, a group of former Cub Scouts (Louie Anderson, Richard Belzer, srong Richard Lewis) get together for a reunion over twenty years.

Reception[ edit ] The Wrong Guys was not well-received, and may have been largely ignored. The post-credits joke is predictable but hhe of the better bits here. I really would like to know if they had huys hanging out or if it was some weird contractual obligation. Decades later they have all gone their separate ways, except for Louie who lives in the same house and reminisces about his Housewives seeking hot sex Lexington Georgia 30648 days as a Cub Scout.

While shopping for supplies, the scouts are spotted by the Grunsky brothers, who decide to secretly buys them and pull a prank. The real standout in this movie, which shouldn't surprise nobody, is John Goodman. When trying to retrieve the engine they witness Duke killing one of his accomplices and flee into the woods while Duke swears they won't get off the mountain alive. The five main characters have the same names as the actors who play them and they tend to pull out their routines--all except Belzer, prevented by a PG rating from his verbal specialties.

Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal named Duke Earle has escaped prison with two accomplices. He ends up surfing part of the raft down a waterfall, fulfilling a prophecy made earlier by his psychic girlfriend about a "wave that never ends. Although an accomplished troop, they fail in their attempt to earn the coveted " Arrow of Light the wrong guys badge by camping on Mount Whitehead, getting lost and having to call their mothers for help.

Every scene is stupid as shit and I love it!

‎the wrong guys () directed by danny bilson • reviews, film + cast • letterboxd

When Louie and Richard return they initially believe him to be dead, until he awakens and Belz and Tim arrive. Rotten Tomatoes has no stored reviews of the gujs. The Wrong The wrong guys Louie Anderson, Richard Lewis, Richard Belzer, Franklyn Ajaye, Tim Thomerson, Brion James, Biff Manard, John Goodman. These guys mastered the stand-up stage and now they are "standing up" to become the movie stars the 80s deserves.

It contains a map, compass, and other survival tools, and the troop decides that this is fate giving them another chance to "beat this goddamn mountain. The parts where they were little kids was better than i expected and very brief.

The wrong guys () - imdb

Unfortunately, it's also a big step down compared to their work. They are unable to awaken Franklin, who has taken one of Richard's sleeping pills and set off without him, Richard complaining the whole time. Richard Lewis keeps getting all the cool guy lines, Berrien Springs Michigan sex phone chat can see why the wrong guys good people at Boku came after his very cool guy endorsement. The FBI arrives and tells them that there is a large reward on Duke's head, which the scouts decide should go to Louie because he is the one who got them through the ordeal.

Belz is a famous fashion deer, Richard is a dentist, Tim teaches surfing and Franklin is a therapist with a radio show. Wrong Guys is a plan that was put together to realize a movie with stand up comedians Louie Anderson and Company around the theme of Boy Scouting.

Movie reviews : a lot wrong with ‘the wrong guys’

The other scouts trick Duke with a prank the Grunskys pulled on Richard when they were kids, baiting him with a dollar on the ground and suspending him from a tree with a snare trap. The Grunskys' own car is sabotaged by the same squirrel as before, who chews through the wires of their engine. But when the five. The Owl Patrol tries to flee the mountain, but realize that their engine has been stolen by the Grunskys, who only agree to return it if their status as The wrong guys Scouts is restored.